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There are several ways to help

Dog's Heaven works thanks to the wealth of its creator, Guilherme, and the cash donations of associates and individual donors.

We have not received any funds from government entities.

The work in the kennel is carried out mainly by Guilherme and the few employees of the Entity and has the help of around 110 volunteers in various areas.


The Association is a simple procedure that adds interested parties to the list of members of our Philanthropic Entity.

The donation in this modality is monthly (billet / cc debit)

The member will be able to choose to SUPPORT a specific animal and become a godfather  (PADRINHO DO BEM) 

single donor

Anyone can make donations at any time by sending a deposit (TED, DOC etc.) to Dog's Heaven account.


There are also donations of materials such as medicines, dog clothes and other items.


Anyone can also be a VOLUNTEER in our organization. The activities of the volunteers range from just enjoying and following the group's movement on the Whatsapp list, including publicizing our activities and campaigns, to face-to-face help in the kennel, at the adoption fairs ... in short, in a series of activities.  

foreign donor

Are you abroad and want to help? Great!

We have an account that receives all currencies from abroad in "REMESSA ONLINE", which is a modern company that uses "blockchain" technology (ripple), making it safer, faster and cheaper for the customer.  


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